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Greetings from the author,

As myself one lyrical/vocal artist and a poet, as well as an author of a dozen novelistic fiction stories and counting, I’ve experienced my original content performed by many, many performance entertainers. Albeit of me to say that these entertainment performances are very splendid and enjoyable to listen to from my own vantage point, but they truly are. Most often of times anyway. And as well as being portrayed by these people in the media, my work has been played on air by simply many stations where those pirates or whatever you’d like to call them have been so common.

Simply witnessing this happen…

Nay experiencing my songs day to day, and first hand (or second hand, if you will), for more than merely my adult life, the curiosity in me has almost always begged to question who’s responsible or perhaps negligent in the consequence of the music falling into the hands of anybody except for myself.

Obviously, the source of most of the blame (calling it blame, if you do) is relayed in quite a bit of the arts I’ve retained for myself. I’ve simply, most times anyway, made the conscious decision and in some cases even the offer to be handled, however vague and vivid any such offer could ever be.

From what I’ve known of legend, even Jimi Hendrix bought his way out of some trouble with a full LP standard (album record) when the rights to his own image were disputed between record companies before he could work with whom he desired. And we all know Prince’s story where his image and name were disputed by the man himself after so much glamour and fame. But I’ve got no way of speaking for either of them nor anybody else on the matter of my own experience.

All I’ve known is of myself, and what I’m certain of is that I’ve only retained a small handful of my own original works. They can be found in the music section of this website, for those who dig that particularly as a sort of preference. As well as merely fans of whatever you’d call my style of music. But just for the record and of music I’ve heard on a day-to-day basis pretty much a lot of my life, I’m only really afforded the awareness that I’ve performed many small venues with live concerts as a solo act in my day, as well as released much of my poetry along the way to the conglomerates that are social media platforms of the world. It’s likely fair to say that anything you haven’t seen on this website, ultimately no matter the recorded values or artist(s) performing those values, were probably made w/o my knowledge.

That said, this website is a collection of sections in the menu bar which are “About,” “Books,” “Events,” and “Music” respectively. Feel free to browse. And please, do buy a book or books. They’re kind of neat all their own. 😀