The Series Cartoon:

1. “Courtesy Laughs” – Michael “Mick” Ritter has drawn up storyboards alongside the progressing relationship with his hiring manager at the local cafe, whom he’s presently named “Paige Turner” for her anonymity, starting the story from his first interview with her and moving right through to together raising their son, “Junior.” [Comedic-Realism]

The Novels:

1). “Soon Enough” – The collegiate woman battles toward success while conflicted about the boyfriend’s impressions in the same field of study. [Fantastical-Realism]

2). “Too Many Peas in a Pod” – The lessons learned between the celebrity and the pauper through fan mail encouragement. [Fantastical-Realism]

3). “Foresight” – A coming of age man’s future unfolds in front of him. [Psychological]

4). “The Animal” – The relationship between one doctor and his “monstrous” subject unfolds to reveal true definitions of wisdom. [Sci-Fi]

5). “Living the Dream” – Join Jennifer Hastings, in a wild ride through paranoid delusions, as she finds goals for surpassing the ordinary stories of “success.” [Psychological]