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The books:

1). “Too Many Peas in a Pod” – The uniting of two complete strangers through the pivotal point of a common medium, one fan’s collaboration desires with a celebrity gone independent.

2). “Foresight” – Very much surreal to the protagonist, one student’s travels through a world of sleep deprivation and strange finds as to the goings on at the library, after-hours one night, only to realize that he himself may or may not have been dreaming.

3). “Soon Enough” – The dynamic of an editor dating her story-teller, drafting his stories for her own gain and leaving him the protagonist, ready for any sort of change, which will either drive him away or draw him closer. Either way, they’re in for a treat.

4). “The Animal” – With the troubles of a relationship between one doctor and his “monstrous” subject, the intricacies of true evolution are discovered.

5). “Living the Dream” – Join Jennifer Hastings, in a wild ride through paranoid delusions, as she finds goals for surpassing the ordinary stories of “success.”

6). “Provocation” – The Ellsworth family find their true callings while Norman, their only son, finds his own through adolescence.

The cartoon:

“Courtesy Laughs” – Six chapters, with each issue respectively covering the protagonist’s landing of a job at the local cafe under his soon to be fiance, their falling for one another, moving in together, having a son who they then begin to raise, and their family life running sketches of their life for the cafe.

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